This section contains detailed sports podiatry information for athletes, coaches, patients, and sports medicine professionals.

Full Race Schedule for the State of New Jersey — Find dates and locations for all races taking place in New Jersey this year.
Five Things You Should Know Before Buying Baseball or Softball Cleats — It’s baseball season again, and if you’re shopping for new cleats don’t miss this helpful advice.
Training Tips — Dr. Cohen highlights a few ways to spice up your training. Tune in regularly for new tips and tricks.
Preventing Running injury — Don’t miss these quick and easy exercises that help prevent running injury
Minimalist Running — Can minimalist running be your answer for healthier running?
Trail Running — Is it really better than paved roads?
What You Must Know to Avoid Stress Fractures — Know your risk factors and how to deal with them
Five Most Common Overuse Injuries in runners
Ask The Trainer — Tracy Peal of Tracy Peal Speed answers our patient’s Sports Injury and Rehab Questions
Barefoot Running — is it beneficial or detrimental?
Cohen Index — used to assess an athlete’s lower extremity and evaluate the likelihood of overuse injury.
Handouts — Click on the picture below to open a document about your particular sports podiatry condition, and feel free to print and copy them.
Dynamic Warm Up — a new, proven method of stretching
Lowdown on High Heels — Dr Cohen provides tips for safely wearing high heels
Running Clubs — List of Philadelphia area running clubs
Running Shoe Stores — List of recommended Philadelphia area stores