Meet Dr. Wendy K. Le, Podiatrist, Board Certified Podiatric Physician & Surgeon Serving  Cherry Hill, NJ & Ridley Park, PA


Wendy K. Le, DPM

Dr. Lee S. Cohen & Associates
Podiatric Sports Medicine & Rehab Center

Board Certified with the American Board of Podiatric Medicine

lee cohen foot doctor and surgeon, sports medicine podiatry

Growing up, I always hated my “ugly feet” as they are wide and flat with horrible bunions that did not allow me to find shoes easily. No one in my family would have predicted that I would become a Podiatrist and now I enjoy examining and treating any problems in the feet and ankles. Being a Podiatrist is a rewarding job, as I can make a difference in enhancing a patient’s quality of life and daily activities. Because when someone have a pair of healthy feet, he or she can walk or run, even climb, anywhere he or she wants to go.

Special interests include pediatric , adult sports medicine , diabetes and its treatment as it relates to podiatry. 

I received my Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Dr. William M. Scholl College of Medicine and completed a 3-year podiatric surgical residency at Crozer Keystone Health System. Additionally, I have a Master’s degree in Public Health from Drexel University. Therefore, I am a strong advocate for promoting self-awareness of one’s specific podiatric health and understanding his or her condition(s) well enough to prevent new injuries or re-injuries and/or prevent further recurrence or exacerbation of the condition(s).

I am an American-born Vietnamese who grew up in Southwest-South Philadelphia areas. I can speak Vietnamese, which is attributed by having a close family and singing karaoke. I am married and have one daughter, named Olivia. I enjoy watching movies and football (Fly Eagles Fly!), shopping, dining out and trying new foods, travelling when I have time and money, reading romance and mystery books, and cooking (but not a good baker), and playing badminton. Some of my phobias include being in the woods at night, snakes and worms, and extreme heights.