A new development in arch support

By Dr. Lee Cohen

If you’ve worn arch supports in the past to help you walk and move normally, you’ll be surprised to learn that the new arch supports aren’t really arch supports at all.

New foot supports have been developed by a field of medical technology called biomechanics. This relatively new science deals with human motion and can custom make any device you need to support your feet. Some people may still refer to them as arch supports but there’s a world of difference, and new comfort for those who need them so they can be helped to walk normally without arch pain.

Here at Dr. Lee S Cohen and associates we are using this new science to provide more comfort and better overall body function. We initially will make an impression or a cast of your feet and study it in the laboratory. We can then determine more precisely exactly where your foot function needs improvement. When the new foot supports are made, instead of plain old supporting arches you will have an orthotic device that will allow your feet and legs to function normally again.

If you’re having any type of arch pain you may want to call Dr. Lee Cohen and associates for an appointment. That number is 610-522-9200.