Preventing running injuries.

The average Runner may take as many as 2000 steps in a mile. Each step subjects the skeleton to as much as 1000 pounds of crushing force. Obviously, the foot alone cannot absorb all of this pressure. Some of the force is distributed to the legs, knees, hips, and low back. The resulting stress makes the bones Ab muscles and these parts of the body susceptible to running injuries.

Although running injuries are comment, they are by no means inevitable. Most runners can avoid injuries if they wear the proper shoes, follow an adequate routine of warming up, stretching and cooling down. They must follow a sensible training schedule.

There are many great resources available for those looking for the proper running shoe. I would recommend your local reliable specialty running store.

There are many training schedules available for beginning runners. I would recommend Runners World Magazine’s couch to 5K training program for those just new to running.

If you have been injured while running you may want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee S Cohen associates and let them get you back in the game earlier. You may reach us at 610-522-9200.