Minimalist Running

foot injury treatment for minimalist runners

More and more people want to try training in the minimalist style, that is without shoes or with very light specially designed shoes. The problem that arises is that many people have poor posture or biomechanics which limits their ability to train in this fashion. Dr. Cohen is attempting to solve this problem by creating a lightweight performance insole that can be used in conjunction with other minimalist foot gear. The insole is currently in its testing stages and Dr. Cohen expects these insoles to help open up mechanically challenged runners to new training methods. Before training in the minimalist style make sure to pick up the right minimalist running shoe. Dr. Cohen’s favorites are the Nike Free Run, the Saucony Kinvara, and the Vibram Five Finger.

Lately Dr. Cohen has been delving into minimalist runners, their gear, and the issues that come with any training regimen. Dr. Cohen believes that done correctly it is very possible for minimalist running to improve your running and your lower leg health. However, he also believes that there can be serious repercussions if done incorrectly. Without proper training and the right minimalist footwear this type of training has been known to cause calf issues as well as Achilles tendinitis. So runners need to remember that everything has risks as well as reward and no matter your training method, you still need to take care of your feet.